This was a rescoring of a scene from Studio Ghibli's 1988 film Grave of the Fireflies. The scene depicts a boy named Seita saving his younger sister, Setsuko, from the bombing of the port city of Kobe, Japan, during the final days of World War II. The carnage and destruction in this scene is somewhat graphic and sad. I tried to capture the mayhem of the bombing followed by an eerie bleakness as we see bodies under burning rubble and mothers trying to protect their children from the deadly smoke. This is a recording of the music only. 



This was a re-imagining I did of the "Firebird" scene from Fantasia 2000, originally scored by Igor Stravinsky. I wanted to capture a sense of rebirth and life burgeoning back into being. I got a chance to conduct this piece with the Ruse, Philharmonic in Ruse, Bulgaria and you can see that video on my Conducting page. I hope you enjoy my take on this timeless story.


Heart of the Highlands

This was a piece I wrote some years ago now, but it still endures for me as a piece that speaks to my love of Scotland, magic, and the countryside. I hope you connect in some way to the story I am trying to tell through this music. Thank you for listening. 


Voyage of the Dreamweaver

This was a piece for full orchestra that I wrote as my final project for graduate school at the Seattle Film Institute in 2012. Under the tutelage and guidance of Hummie Mann I produced a piece that paid homage to one of my favorite scores of all time: Back to the Future. See if you can spot some of the similarities in harmonic movement and other tropes. 

"From Now On"

This was my first project at the Pacific NW Film Scoring Program and so it will always hold a special place in my heart. It is a simple melody that reminds me at times of one of the themes from the musical "Peter Pan." The oboist who soloed for me was such a trooper even when I gave her almost no chances to breath (oopsy!).

Global Game Jam 2018

These are a set of game audio music loops I composed for the Global Game Jam 2018 at Mt. Sierra College in Monrovia, CA. I'm proud of the product I was able to arrive at with less than 48 hours to do so. These compositions were only part of my job at the game jam. In addition to writing music for four teams of game developers and creatives I also provided almost all sound fx used in each game ! Wow ! 

Dead Man's Cell Phone

These are excerpts from music that I wrote for a Sarah Ruhl play called "Dead Man's Cell Phone." The story is set in the back-drop of a tragic, empty death and follows the lives of two people inexorably linked to it. 

Dragon Nest

This was a set of three 1-minute loops I wrote as a project for graduate school the existing game Dragon Nest. While these were a rescoring I think they work well with the gameplay videos and show off my ability to create atmosphere with some strange sound design and music. 

The Woman in Black

This was a play I wrote underscore music for. It is a "ghost play" and the chilling story of a woman who's grief over the loss of her son in a pony & trap accident across a fog-bound causeway slowly wastes her away and kindles inside her a fury only to be quelled and laid to rest when her terrible revenge is realized. 

Don's Dilemma

This is a piece I wrote in response to an episode of Mad Men I saw where Don must grapple with the fact that his firing of Lane Pryce caused Lane to hang himself. Don is constantly dealing with seemingly "no-win" scenarios where his moral fiber is tested on the most fundamental level. This piece was an homage to all the Dilemmas he faces throughout the series.